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Caramelised Oats

Caramelised Oats

  • We love Our Crunchy Oat Flakes with its Sweet Caramel Coating here at Seed Necessities.
  • Perfect for breakfast & snacks throughout the day.
  • High-Quality Oats with a caramel coating – Available in 200g & 275g tubs.
  • Oats claim to fame is their proven ability to curb bad cholesterol (LDL).
  • 3g of Fibre per 30g serving.
  • Oats (76%), sugar, natural caramel, toffee flavour (0.1%)

  • Oats (76%), sugar, natural caramel, toffee flavour (0.1%)

  • Free Shipping on orders over €20 (Ireland & UK).

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What’s the best way to enjoy Caramelised Oats?

  • Add to your porridge/oats for extra-crunch and texture.
  • Straight out of the tub – 50g tubs coming soon!
  • Sprinkled over your breakfast bowl, granola or cereal.
  • Add to your fruit bowls!
  • Create your own trail mix!
  • Be creative, let us know how you enjoy them…
  • Not a fan of crunchy oats? Why not try our seed granola?
  • Please remember to store your Seed Necessities products in a cool dry place.